What is a Kimono Box you may ask?
A Kimono Box is a box of feel good vibes, confidence, and fun all in one little box that YOU get once a month. A gift you give yourself...

Kimonos are amazing for so many reasons...they can be worn to work, a night out with anyone, to the beach/lake (insert your favorite body of water here), etc. But the best reason to wear a kimono is that they add a sense of style to anything you are wearing. Dress 'em up, dress 'em down...either way you are going to look STUNNING!

Do something for yourself today and sign up on the waitlist for the July Kimono Box...the fireworks won't stand a chance next to you...

What do you get in your Kimono Box?

Each month you get a gorgeous kimono and a pair of earrings chosen to go with that kimono. You also get 2-3 other little surprise items.
Surprise items range from:
*A super cute pouch or makeup bag or any other type of small bag to put your stuff in. I love a good bag!
*Accessories...sometimes you may get a bracelet or necklace to match the earrings. *tems that fit the month...for example the July box includes a balm for bug bites. (We're in Texas...mosquitos...enough said!)
*Inspiration and snark...we all need a lift once in a while, but we also need a bit of snark to give us a laugh.

For our July Kimono Box you get this gorgeous red, white, and blue ombre kimono...throw on the star-spangled earrings that you also get and you're ready. No one will be watching the fireworks because all eyes will be on YOU!
The Kimono Box is a monthly subscription of amazing items packed into a box just for YOU. Every month you get a gorgeous kimono, a pair of coordinating earrings, and a couple of surprise items. It's like your birthday...but every month! Do something for yourself today! Sign up on our waitlist...then check your emails.

July Kimono Box