About Us


We are a small family run store with deep roots in Texas.

We named our store after the small town of Dunlay, Texas. Dunlay is a blink of a town west of San Antonio where my family has been ranching for over 100 years. Although it's been incorporated into the nearest town, it used to be a thriving little community with a depot, a school, a post office, and a general store. (L.A. Haby General Store pictured below.)

Our goal is to offer products that are purposeful, simple, and give comfort. 

I have always sought products for myself that serve a purpose. My mom says my whole life, whenever I was given a gift or looking at something to buy, my first question was always, "What does it do?" That has not changed. This is why we want to offer products with a purpose. Whether that purpose is to add just the right touch to your home or make you feel more comfortable in your skin or just to make life simpler in some way -- it must serve a purpose, it has to "do" something. 

When you shop with Dunlay Trading Post, you are shopping from a family business, not a big corporation.  Our desire is that you find purposeful products that make your life a little simpler and give you comfort. 

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Reach us at: howdy@dunlaytradingpost.com